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Bounty Killer Slapped With Lawsuit


Trinidadian promotion group Scorch Limited have threatened to take legal action against Dancehall artist Bounty Killer following his recent claims on social media.

Scorch Limited, the promoters of Saturday night’s Guinness Fully Loaded concert in Trinidad & Tobago, have warned Dancehall veteran Bounty Killer that they will be considering legal action against him for claims he made on social media recently.

The Dancehall icon took to Instagram earlier this week telling fans that he was never paid to engage in a lyrical clash or shared performance with Beenie Man at the concert in the twin islands.

According to Bounty they were both booked as separate acts, and promoters only requested a shared performance at the last minute, which he tried to honor out of “love and respect” for the Trinidadian fans.

Bounty Killer would however storm off stage during the pair’s shared performance, leaving Beenie Man to complete the set on his own, after they exchanged a few lyrical hits in what seemed to be a friendly clash.

Scorch Limited have since hit back at the entertainer’s claims, stating that they fulfilled all financial commitments agreed upon. They claim that the contract presented by his management company clearly outlined that his agreed performance would be a shared musical collaboration with Beenie Man.

The promotion team have demanded that the artiste explain in the public domain how he was unaware that the terms of his engagement, when it was his management company that created the contract.

Scorch have stated that they will be taking all the necessary legal steps to protect the integrity of their brand.

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