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Kartel Trial: Cop Admit Criminals In Police Force, No Explanation For Modified Phone Data



Prosecution witness and lead investigator in Vybz Kartel murder case, Deputy Superintendent of Police Vernal Thompson, admitted in court on Wednesday that there are criminals inside the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

Under cross-examinations from Vybz Kartel defense attorney Christian Tavares-Finson,Thompson was grilled about data being modified on a cellphone while in police custody.

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Defense attorney Pierre Rogers also grilled the senior cop about aspects of the case that cops failed to do follow up investigation.

Rogers: “Would you be surprised to know that (the key prosecution witness) told the police he had a firearm?

Thompson: “I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Rogers: “Do you agree with me sir that in not sharing this information with you the police essentially closed off a line of investigation?”

Thompson: “Yes.”

Rogers: Would you be surprised to know that Mr. Linton left the keys to his locker, which contained the evidence, on top of his locker, surprised or concerned?”

Thompson: “I would be very much concerned.”

Rogers: “Are you aware that the phone was being used while at the Flying Squad, surprised or concerned?”

Thompson: “Most concerned.”

Rogers: “The use of the phone at CFCU leaves you surprised or concerned?”

Thompson: “Concerned, that is not the type of behavior, but there are unscrupulous persons in some organizations including the Jamaica Constabulary Force.”

Rogers: “Are you surprised that the phone was being used while in the custody of the police?”

Thompson: “Concerned. I’m not surprised. This is Jamaica with lots of criminals, even in the Jamaica Constabulary Force.”

Justice Lennox Campbell at this time sought clarification from the DSP.

“Among the team if persons in the task meeting, did you identified any of those as being unscrupulous?” the judge asked.

“No my lord, they are persons of integrity and reputable character,” DSP Thompsonresponded.

The trial continues tomorrow.