Home News Rick Ross Purchases 109-Room Mansion In Georgia

Rick Ross Purchases 109-Room Mansion In Georgia


Rick Ross prepares to move into his new mansion in Georgia.

One of the biggest bosses in the game continues to prove himself just that.Rick Ross purchased a new home in Georgia, which happens to be a 109-room mansion previously owned by heavyweight champ Evander Holyfield.

The Miami native’s new home has room for all his MMG and not-MMG homies, as the dining room seats 100 people, plus there’s a massive outdoor pool holding 350,000 gallons of water (not to mention an indoor lap pool as well). The entire property spans 235 acres and also includes a bowling alley, a baseball field, and a home movie theatre. His electricity bills are estimated to run a whopping $17,000, while simply maintaining the property will cost him $1 million a year.

The previous owner, Holyfield, lost the mansion in foreclosure after owing the bank $14 million. The home went back up on the market for $8.2 million, however, we don’t know Rozay’s purchasing price. During an auction the first bid for the home was set at $2.5 million– so any number upwards from there.